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About Us

Welcome to the NWS!

After more than 35 years … and in excess of 50 members … we are the oldest and largest wargaming club in Western Australia.

This website has been designed with the intention of not only providing information about our club, but we trust over time will also grow and develop into a useful wargames resource centre.

Whether you live in Perth, are moving here or simply visiting … please feel free to arrange either a game in advance … or simply turn up on one of our club nights for a closer look!

If you are new to the hobby … or are not even sure what wargaming actually is then please explore this website further and/or contact us as we would enjoy the opportunity to both welcome and assist you.

You will notice as you go to each new page of the website that the ‘banner’ photos at the top of each page will change … so please enjoy these and get a fuller picture of both wargaming and the types of games played at the NWS.

On behalf of our members, thank you for visiting our website … and we trust you find something of interest.

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Whats New

This section highlights any recent changes to our website.


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